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Sustainability Reporting

Can the City of Shoreline be forevergreen? The metrics included here are indicators of the five focus areas defined by the City's Environmental Sustainability Strategy. In each area, there are multiple indicators to show how we're doing. See the Site Map or About Us for site information. Visit the Environmental Services page for more information on City programs designed to create an environmentally sustainable community!

Climate Protection

The City is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas produced by burning fossil fuels that degrades the ozone layer and contributes to adverse climate change. Estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and their sources for City operations and the Community as a whole have been calculated through carbon inventories conducted for 2009 and 2012. Test your knowledge of climate change and how it affects the community of Shoreline.

Since energy conservation can reduce the amount of fossil fuel needed to operate buildings, provide transportation, and run industrial processes, the City will continue to reduce energy use in its own operations and assist the Shoreline community in reducing their own energy needs. Greener buildings, fuel efficient management of the municipal vehicle fleet and equipment, and development of amenities for non-motorized transportation will help reduce the City’s carbon footprint and operating costs. It will also promote community health and responsible stewardship of natural and financial resources.

The City of Shoreline joined King County and several of its cities to enhance the effectiveness of King County local government climate and sustainability efforts through the King County – Cities Climate Collaboration and Pledge.